Strawberry Desire 60ml



Fresh Strawberries 60ml

A true favorite of past and present, strawberry is a favorite of all. After trying countless strawberry flavored juices out there, we were always left unsatisfied. No one was able to bring us that true fresh ripe strawberry taste. All we could find was artificial tasting strawberry flavors on the shelf.

We made it our goal to come out with a juice that strawberry lovers would love as much as eating a fresh strawberry. With that in mind we wanted to come up with a flavor that would taste like biting into a fresh strawberry. Our end result is Strawberry Desire. Best described as one of our customers remarked, “Its like biting into a fresh ripe strawberry just picked from a strawberry patch!”



60ml Gorilla Bottle

Nicotine Options

0, 3mg, 6mg

VG/PG Ratio

75% VG

Premium quality E-Juice / E-Liquid.
Made in Canada.

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