Vape Glossary

0 milligram. Used to describe e-liquid which contains no nicotine. 0 MG is the goal of many vapers. However, studies show a bit of nicotine isn’t harmful to your health. Find what works for you.
18 to 21
The age in most regions for consumers to purchase nicotine, including e-liquid. If you’re under 18, don’t try to purchase vape gear.
26650 Batteries
Often favored by hobbyists and vaping experts. These are the largest batteries used in e-cigs currently. These are used for sub-ohm setups. 26mm diameter, 65mm long.
306 Atomizer
A low resistance atomizer. These are often disposable, and are known for their warm vape and good flavor. Thought to produce a good amount of ‘clouds’
401, 402, 403 Electronic Cigarettes
These are different sizes of electronic cigarettes, with 401 being the shortest, and 403 being the longest. All use the same battery threading and atomizers.
510 E-Cigarette
This is the most common type of e-cigarette on the market. This is essentially the part of the tank that screws into the batter. The name 510 comes from the fact that it is 5mm wide, and has 10 threads running across it.
808 E-Cigarette
Also referred to as KR808. These are the second most common type of e-cigarette, after the 510. It is often possible to use an adapter to change a 510 into a KR808.
901 Atomizers
Atomizers that utilize a female thread rather than a male thread such as in the 501.
16340 Battery
The smallest sized battery used today for e-cigarette mods.
18350 Battery
Extremely small battery, often used by advanced vapers
18500 Battery
Slightly larger than 18350 battery. Offers a bit longer battery life.
18650 Battery
This is the most common size of batteries used today. Initially used in high-power flashlights, these are rechargeable batteries that can be removed from your device. If you’re new to vaping, this is most likely what you will be using.
“air flow control”. This is usually a dial on the bottom of the tank of an e-cigarette. User can turn the dial to their desired amount of air. The more open that the AFC is, the more air that will enter. This in turn, will lead to more vapor to be exhaled.
The amount of air inhaled by the vaper, which determines the amount of vapor (or clouds) exhaled.
A term to describe a traditional tobacco cigarette. AKA- stinkies!
Allen Key or Wrench
A common tool used for many reasons. These wrenches can be used in rebuildable tanks or atomizers as well.
The device that holds the coil. The atomizer is responsible for heating up the coil, which vaporizes the e-liquid. It is this vapor which is exhaled.
Short for ‘atomizer’
No need to press a button. A sensor detects when a user inhales, and heats up the coil.
The device which powers the e-cigarette.
Box mod
The most common type used by experienced vapers. It gets its name from the fact that it is a square shape. These can go up to over 200 watts, and usually require an external battery (18650) or two (or more). My preferred setup.
The place where the e-liquid is contained inside of the atomizer or tank.
Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association. An advocacy group fighting to protect the vaping industry, and raise awareness about the reduced harm of tobacco alternatives. They fight for the rights of vapers. Check them out!
A long, thin electronic cigarette that looks like a traditional cigarette. Often used by new vapers. Not recommended, however, as these leave a lot to be desired. Often people using these return to analogs.
A slang term used for the vapor exhaled by the user. Don’t sound like a n00b and call clouds ‘smoke’. It’s not smoke!
Cloud Chaser
A slang term for a person who enjoys exhaling large amounts of clouds. Be considerate of where you blow your clouds. Nobody likes inhaling other people’s exhaled vapor!
Cloud Chasing
Exhaling large, thick amount of clouds. Cloud chasing contests can be found at expos and certain vape shops. Cloud chasers can often win cash prizes at these contests. Don’t mind how idiotic this may look.
The heating element that heats up to produce the vapor. Coils can be purchased pre made or can be custom made with various types of metal wires.
Custom Mod
A setup made by hand with specifications designed by the customer. They look nice, but cost a pretty penny. Not really needed unless you move onto the hobby side of vaping.
A term to describe where the positive and negative parts connect. The deck is designed to keep e-liquid off of the battery.
Stands for ‘do it yourself’. The act of making your own e-liquid by combining VG/PG, flavor concentrates, and concentrated nicotine (optional). This is a great way to save money, but it’s harder than it sounds (unless you’re looking for a simple flavor). Not recommended for new vapers as getting a proper flavor profile takes time and experimentation.
Drip (aka Dripping)
A term used to describe the act of refilling the atomizer by places drops of e-liquid directly on the coil. Often preferred by experienced vapers, dripping leads to larger clouds. However, since there is no tank to hold a large amount of e-juice, and coils must be re-built, some users prefer not to use this method. I find dripping to not be worth the trouble. YMMV.
Drip Shield
An external devise use to catch dripping e-liquid and prevents spills and messes.
Drip Tip
A mouthpiece (where the user’s lips connect with the device). Be sure to clean this often! Don’t walk around with a crusty drip tip!
Drip Well
An optional device that catches excess e-liquid when dripping.
An abbreviation for a popular forum on Reddit for e-cigarette users. A great resource for material, but the people can be a bit hostile.
Substance containing a mix of PG/VG, flavor concentrate, and nicotine used in e-cigarettes which is what creates the vapor. Available in a million different flavors. Don’t be fooled by creative packaging or unique names. Budget juice might suit your needs just fine.
see E-Liquid above.
The Food and Drug Administration. This is the department responsible for regulating the vaping industry in the USA. They seem to be at war with vapers these days. Regulations are constantly changing. Fight the FDA’s overly-strict regulations by checking out CASSA
Filler Material
The material used to hold the e-liquid inside of the cartridge.
Flavor Chaser
A vaper who prefers strong flavor at the expense of big clouds. Clouds are a nice novelty, but a great flavor is where it’s at!
designed to cool the vape quickly.
High Resistance (HR)
Less strain on the batter than Low Resistance.
Short for e-juice
LR (Low Resistance)
Produces larger amounts of vapor due its low ohm rating. However, this consumes the life of the battery much quicker.
A term that describes how much energy the battery can store. The higher the mAh, the longer life expectancy of the battery.
Require user to press a button to activate the heating of the coil.
Batteries E-Cigarettes
A pair (or set) of batteries that are all charged at the same time, and only used together. Marrying batteries leads to both having the same life expectancy to prevent one battery from becoming strained. Battery safety is important to prevent yourself from blowing your face off. Take it seriously!
Mechanical Mod (Mech Mod)
A metal tube with a manual switch. Mech mods are not regulated, therefore, the user should know how to properly use it, and the limits of their battery, to prevent venting. It’s recommended that you do some research before purchasing a mech mod.
A term for any e-cigarette device powered with batteries with the exception of ciga-likes.
Stands for ‘milligram’. This is the amount of nicotine in an e-liquid. People coming off analogs might want higher nicotine. I find 3 mg to be my sweet spot.
A unit for measuring electrical resistance. Lower than 1 ohm is considered ‘subohm’. The lower the ohm, the warmer and thicker the vapor produced will be. A higher ohm will produce cooler and less vapor.
Propylene Glycol (PG)
An ingredient used to make E-Liquid. PG is known for having properties that make it better for carrying flavor. It is a thinner substance though, so it doesn’t produce as much clouds. Some users report having sensitives to PG. Furthermore, PG is known to help deliver a ‘throat hit’.
Stands for ‘rebuildable dripping atomizer’.A favorite for many experienced vapers, RDAs work by having the user drip a few drops of e-liquid directly onto the coil. This replaces the tank. RDAs require being refilled more often than tanks, but are favored by their increased flavor they provide.
Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. A combination of a tank and an RDA.
Rather than buying coils, users have the option to build their own coils and wicks. This allows the user to customize their vape experience by using different builds, wicking material, resistance, etc. These sound difficult and intimidating, but a bit of practice, and you’ll be building in no time!
Measured in ohms, the resistance is determined by the build of the coil the user chooses (by either building the coil, or buying a pre-built coil)
A material often used for wicking in e-cigs
Starter Kit
A kit that includes all the hardware a new vaper requires, including an e-cigarette, a battery, an atomizer, and a charger. New users simply need to purchase e-liquid of their choice. Starter Kits can be found in many stores, and are a good first step into the world of vaping. Great for older people, but younger people might want to skip these.
Placing e-liquid in a cool, dark place for an amount of time (a few days to a few months). This allows the e-juice components to meld. During steeping, many e-liquids will change color, and the flavor intensifies. Steeping won’t make a bad juice good, but it can make a good juice great! If you’re buying cheap ejuice, you’ll probably need to let it steep. Take this into consideration when buying e-liquid.
The act of using coils under 1.0 ohm. Sub-ohming is used by many experienced vapers as it creates a warmer vape, and larger clouds. Sub-ohming can lead to quick consumption of e-liquid. This is the most satisfying way of vaping. Highly recommended!
The part of the e-cig that holds the e-liquid. This sits on top of your battery. Great for those of us who don’t want to mess with dripping. Tanks come in a variety of styles and sizes. Find one that suits your needs! (I love my UWell Crown tank! Great for flavor and clouds).
Throat hit
The sensation in the back of your throat when you inhale. Users must experiment with coils, PG/VG ratio, and nicotine to find their preferred throat hit. The longer you vape, the less you will crave a strong throat hit. If you desire an extreme throat hit, check out some of the Chinese vendors for e-juice.
Triple Coil
A favorite for cloud chasers. However, battery life suffers. As the name suggests, there are three coils.
Vape Model
A girl who attempts to get free vape gear by posting sexy pics on her Instagram. Vape models can also be guys who claim they will do ‘reviews’ of products. Usually have a low grasp of the English language.
Vape Pen
A reusable electronic cigarette that resembles a long tube. These are a step up from a cig-a-like, and is the next logical step. Great for intermediate users.
A term to describe a person who uses an electronic cigarette. They’ll often bring vaping into any conversation.
The e-liquid released in a gaseous form that is exhaled by vapers. It usually looks thicker than smoke, but it is not smoke and dissipates very quickly. The scent released from the vapor usually smells pleasant like desserts, fruits, or candy.
Inhaling and exhaling water vapor from a vaporizer produced by vaporizing e-liquids. Vaping is tobacco-free and sometimes nicotine-free. There is no obnoxious smell since there is no smoke produced.
Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.
VG or Vegetable Glycerine
One of two liquids used when making e-liquid. VG tends to be thicker, and produces more clouds. However, high VG liquids can lead to muted flavor. I find 70/30 or 80/20 to be a nice ratio. Flavor + Clouds = Winning!
Voltage Drop
A decrease in power from the battery. No Bueno!
VW or Variable Wattage
A device that allows the user to choose how much power they use. Higher wattages are preferred by many vapers for larger clouds and enhanced flavor.
The object that transports the e-juice. This can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel mesh, ceramic, and most commonly, organic cotton.

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